The potential for express delivery development in Thanh Hoa

Diverse transportation methods, coupled with the development of franchised postal service outlets, create favorable conditions for the express delivery industry in Thanh Hoa.

Thanh Hoa is a locality that converges various transportation modes, including sea, river, rail, road, and air transport. In particular, Nghi Son Seaport is planned to be one of the five central seaports in the country. These advantages contribute to attracting and facilitating the development of maritime transport companies and logistics businesses.

The provincial planning for Thanh Hoa from 2021 to 2030, with a vision towards 2045, clearly outlines the construction of a Grade I regional logistics center in the Nghi Son economic zone, a provincial-level logistics center in the western part of Thanh Hoa city with a minimum scale of about 10 hectares, and a logistics center in the Lam Son – Sao Vang industrial zone with a minimum scale of about 20 hectares. Additionally, the province has implemented various mechanisms and policies to attract investment and support the development of logistics services.

Thanh Hoa is also one of the regions with a significant number of BEST Express franchised postal service outlets. Currently, the company operates 22 outlets in the area. The franchised postal service outlet business model attracts the interest and investment of many individuals in the locality.

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