FedEx is about to launch a new e-commerce platform

The company has announced that the new platform will help businesses provide a customized post-purchase experience.

The new platform, named fdx, is expected to be launched in the fall of this year. Fdx provides online retailers with a comprehensive e-commerce solution, while helping businesses manage supply chains, sales, and delivery management. FedEx is currently the only logistics company that connects the entire customer journey on a single platform.

According to the latest announcement from the company, fdx will integrate existing commerce tools of FedEx, such as access rights to ShopRunner members – an e-commerce platform that FedEx acquired in 2020, with new features such as the ability to create customized post-purchase experiences. This allows brands to provide customers with more accurate shipment information or use detailed information from FedEx’s shipment network data to manage orders.

By providing data and detailed information to improve visibility and connectivity throughout the customer journey, fdx helps sellers make more strategic decisions from order placement to delivery and returns.

Raj Subramaniam, President and CEO of FedEx Corp., stated that FedEx is transforming into a digital-based business supported by an extensive real-world transport network, leveraging the scale and insights gained from transporting 15 million packages daily.

“With fdx, we will enhance relationships with merchants to help them optimize and grow their operations through digital intelligence,” he added.

The new platform is expected to help FedEx compete in the logistics sector with Amazon to regain its position. In 2019, the company refused to renew Amazon’s cargo transportation contract through FedEx Express. At the end of that year, Amazon temporarily banned sellers from using FedEx for Prime deliveries during the holiday season, citing decreased performance. However, the ban was lifted the following year.

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